Vision Care Program

Visually Important Patient Program MEI

The Visually Important Patient (VIP) plan at Michigan Eyecare Institute is to provide vision plan coverage for people in need of routine eye exams and dispensing of glasses if needed. This can be used in addition to medical coverage and in place of vision plans that may have been an eliminated benefit.

Welcome to the VIP Program

To schedule an appointment, please follow these simple instructions:
1. Using the phone number on our contact page, call the location nearest you.
2. Remember to identify yourself as a VIP member.
3. If you have any questions regarding your care, please feel free to call us.
4. Exam and glasses $85. Prices are subject to change. Choose from select frames. Includes single vision or standard bifocal lenses.

A Few things to remember

  • The VIP vision program cannot be used in addition to any other vision benefits or insurance coverage you currently have.
  • There is no annual cost or premium for being a VIP member
  • Family member can use this program to receive the same benefits.

Considering Laser Vision Correction?

VIP Lasik Promotion - The VIP Program offers its members, and their friends and families, discounts for Laser Vision Correction. Affordable financing plans are available, requiring no money down.

Vision/Eyeglass Program

The VIP vision program is now available at no cost to South Eastern Michigan. The plan can be used to replace any other vision plan you have had in the past. However, the plan can not be used in addition to any other vision plan. The VIP vision program can however be used in addition to any other medical insurance plan that provides coverage for any medical or surgical problem discovered at the time of your vision exam which is covered through the VIP vision program. The VIP vision program does allow for upgrades when selecting frames and lenses to compliment your eye care needs. Select the most convenient location for you and call us for your eyes.